Fun, Interactive quizzes that challenge your holiday, decorating, and food smarts. The quicker you answer a question correctly, the more points you score. See how your knowledge compares to others and if you have what it takes to be an expert.

Christmas Favorites Holiday Music Quiz

Are you the maestro of classic holiday songs? Test your knowledge with this tricky quiz. All the Christmas classics are covered -- from the 40s, 50s and beyond!

Country Holiday Music Quiz

Nobody croons the Christmas classics like country singers! If you’re a hard-core devotee of all things country, this crafty holiday music quiz will be a breeze. Test your skills here!

Name that Christmas Cookie

Sure, you can eat Christmas cookies, but can you name them? Test your knowledge of classic Christmas sweets.

Name That Christmas Drink

Cold nights and festive gatherings call for fun Christmas drinks. Test your holiday beverage knowledge.

Name that Christmas Icon

Santa isn't the only well-known Christmas character. See if you can name more from classic Christmas movies and stories.

Pop Holiday Music Quiz

Put your Christmas thinking cap on – it's time to put your skills to the test! From the Backstreet Boys to Alicia Keys, this trivia quiz contains snippets from all the hottest holiday songs. Find out how hip your music mojo is!

Reality Stars Holiday Music Quiz

If American Idol is at the top of your to-do list every week, then you’re going to rock this trivia quiz! You’ll find all the best Christmas jingles from your AI faves, from Carrie Underwood to David Archuleta— you name it. Put all your hard-earned knowledge to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes.

Top 10 Quiz Scores

Name Score
Katy Bennett451,508
Marjorie Reymer395,209
Mona Streyle199,454
Hilda Marez135,134
Taina Sakagawa117,365
Connie Waters64,084
Heidi Broadbent44,586
Martha Gallant24,127
Pattie Brodowski23,465
Mary Klepac21,108